Prince Ish


Back Story on“94

Prince Ish was going through a dark time creating “94”. This project set him apart from other acts in Cleveland. After leaving the infamous rap group “DG” in 2013. Prince worked tirelessly to improve and expand his sound as a true artist. “94” is a snapshot of his mind state at the time being paranoid, egotistical, running from his past, and searching for himself. 2016 was a year that everything changed for him.

2016    Ross Newbauer’s    studio

2016 Ross Newbauer’s studio


A Tragic Beauty

2018 was an interesting time for Prince. A lot of relationships were coming to an end. In the past he would hold on to those toxic friendships and romantic relationships. Instead he meditated and looked inward. Then realized it was because he had abandonment issues and depression that goes back to when he was a child. later that year Prince Ish sat down with a Psychologist to come to terms with his mental issues.

2017 Cleveland, OH

2017 Cleveland, OH