How it all began

Prnce Ish was born in East Cleveland, OH. From a young age Ish always showed signs of being a creative. Bruce Lee was his first appreciation with art. “The way Bruce can capture an emotion on screen is insane.” More importantly Bruce Lee’s philosophy on life always amazed Ish “ Use no way as way. having no limitation as limitation” Ish always believed that since he was a child. Trying to connect with his true self. As a pre teen he wanted to become an astrologist. Then it was a screen writer, then Film Director. When Ish turned 15 he stumbled upon Kid Cudi & Childish Gambino. That sparked an obsession of writing that drives him to express himself creatively everyday.


Prince Ish has performed all over Ohio. this is a list of a few venues.

  • (Cleveland) House of Blues

  • The Grog Shop

  • The Beachland Ballroom

  • The Agora

  • The Phantasy

  • The Foundry

    and many more..

Now he’s growing & expanding everyday. Traveling and performing at venues such as “Revolution Live” in Miami, FL and many more.

Prince Ish has also been featured on several podcasts and has also been showcased in “Cleveland Scene Magazine” along with “American Pride Magazine.”